Bartonellosis, One Health and all creatures great and small

Dr Breitschwerdt’s recently published paper:-

Bartonellosis, One Health and all creatures great and small

Dr Breitscherdt reviews Bartonellosis, zoonotic infections which are found Worldwide, caused by an expanding number of recently discovered Bartonella species. 


Of comparative medical importance, Bartonella spp. are transmitted by several arthropod vectors, including fleas, keds, lice, sand flies, ticks and, potentially, mites and spiders. Prior to 1990, there was only one named Bartonella species (B. bacilliformis), whereas there are now over 36, of which 17 have been associated with an expanding spectrum of animal and human diseases. Recent advances in diagnostic techniques have facilitated documentation of chronic bloodstream and dermatological infections with Bartonella spp. in healthy and sick animals, in human blood donors, and in immunocompetent and immunocompromised human patients. The field of Bartonella research remains in its infancy and is rich in questions, for which patient relevant answers are badly needed. Directed Bartonella research could substantially reduce a spectrum of chronic and debilitating animal and human diseases, and thereby reduce suffering throughout the world. 


A One Health approach to this emerging infectious disease is clearly needed to define disease manifestations, to establish the comparative infectious disease pathogenesis of this stealth pathogen, to validate effective treatment regimens and to prevent zoonotic disease transmission.


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Dr. Robert Mozayeni is a rheumatologist with graduate and post-graduate physician-scientist training from Albany Medical College, Yale University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health (NCI, NHLBI, and NIAMS).  He is presently in private practice in Bethesda, MD where he specializes in chronic inflammatory diseases having rheumatic and neurovascular manifestations.  Dr. Mozayeni is the founder and Executive Director of the Translational Medicine Group where he has developed and commercialized software that supports data-driven methods to accelerate the evaluation and improvement of patient-centered care pathways. He is currently also the chief medical doctor at Galaxy Diagnostics. Under an ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Breitschwerdt, Dr. Mozayeni maintains an observational clinical evaluation of the significance of Bartonella infection in a cohort of several hundred human patients with otherwise unexplained chronic conditions. Clinical correlations between Bartonella species and various conditions are being determined as part of ongoing research which continues to redefine diagnostic and therapeutic options as dictated by clinical experience. Dr. Mozayeni has special research and clinical expertise with regard to autoimmune diseases and the effects of chronic infection and inflammation on vascular physiology and neurovascular conditions seen commonly with autoimmune and neurovascular diseases. He has published numerous papers on immunology and cerebrovascular blood flow hemodynamics. He has presented his work in numerous US and International talks and holds over 8 US and international patents with the greatest concentration of his work on methods related to evaluation of brain blood flow.

Dr Mozayeni’s presentation at the NORVECT conference in 2015 are now freely available on line at the following link:- 


The NorVect Conference – Movies 2015