Tackling Ticks – with Dr. James Logan

BADA-UK Honorary President and TV science presenter, Dr. James Logan tackles the subject of ticks, awareness about the diseases they transmit, and how to protect yourself and your pets against their bites.


The O’Tom Tick Twister – how it works

Find out how easy the O’Tom Tick Twister® is to use, how its unique action helps to remove the tick without pain, without leaving broken mouth parts from the tick in the skin of the person or animal it is attached to, and how it can help avoid disease transmission. Available from vet practices.


Tick reproduction

BADA UK followed a UK sheep tick through the process of egg laying and incubated the eggs to hatch. The process was much shorter than it often takes in the wild state when conditions may not be so ideal and both egg production and development of the eggs can be delayed.


Baxter Healthcare Tick Animation

An animated film kindly provided by Baxter Healthcare for educational purposes. The film gives an insight into the life of ticks (blood-sucking parasites) and their ability to transmit TBE (tick-borne encephalitis).  Whilst the film focuses on TBE transmission in Europe, the method of transmission also applies to all tick-borne diseases present in the UK & Ireland, such as Lyme disease. This film demonstrates perfectly the importance of tick bite prevention and correct tick removal.


Educational Presentation: Tick-borne disease in the UK and Ireland

An video presentation for ages 11+ which explains what ticks are, how disease transmission occurs, how to prevent infection, how to correctly remove ticks, about Lyme disease prevalence, and how to recognise the early signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.


Educational Presentation: Terrible Ticks and Dastardly Diseases

A fun presentation for children about ticks, how they feed and pass on germs, how to avoid being bitten and how to do ‘The Tick Check’.