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Coast to Coast over Pyrenees

Duncan Rowney originates from Britain, but lives in France.  Duncan’s wife Lisa, contracted Lyme disease in 2008, but due to a lack of awareness took some time before visiting the doctor.  The doctor diagnosed Lyme, but did not prescribe the correct medicine to combat it, leaving Lisa with a continuous threat of bouts of illness and courses of injections to keep the disease under control. We hope that we can raise awareness of Lyme disease along the way.

Mountain biking – To help others avoid this, I am riding the length of the Pyrenees.  Starting with my wheels in the Atlantic at Hendaye, I aim to ride over the length of the Pyrenees on mountain bikes, finishing (I hope) with my wheels in the Mediterranean at Banyuls.  My route is close to 800 kms long and accumulates nearly 29000m of ascent, mostly on rough tracks.  I will be ‘bikepacking’, so carrying all of my gear with me for camping and coping with the cold at altitude, food and water, spares and tools etc…

Event date -22-October-2018 00:00  –  02-November-2018 00:00 Splendid! Thank you Duncan! 



We are absolutely thrilled to say how lucky we have been over the past few months in receiving such tremendous support from 3 very important fundraisers: 


August 2017 – London to Paris in 24 hours


Cycling heroes Rick, Nick, Hugo, Rory and Chris set off in the afternoon of Friday 18th August, making it to Newhaven in time for a brief rest before catching the 23.00 ferry to Dieppe.


From there, it was a cycling marathon effort of 100 miles down “Avenue Vert” to Paris. Managing to cycle safely among the Paris traffic with such skill and determination was a feat in itself! – what an all-round endurance test!


Their efforts have supported and raised funds for two hardworking charitable causes and organizations, About Time for Lyme and ourselves at Vis-a-Vis Symposiums, a registered charity – a big thankyou goes to all who participated and donated.


A Sublyme evening indeed! – Maddie Neckar and Kellie Maher


December 1st, saw Maddie Neckar and About Time for Lyme host a Sublyme evening packed with fun and all types of delicious edible goodies and wearable items – our gratitude goes to all involved for their fantastic support, kindness, and immensely generous and important donations – thankyou!  


Elliott Hawkins – White Collar Boxing for Lyme Disease


On 7th December, Elliott courageously fought in a White Collar Boxing match at the Clapham Grand. The money raised going towards a raising awareness campaign aimed at the prevention of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and the increasingly serious consequences of missing early warning signs.


In Elliott’s own words:


“After 10 gruelling weeks of intense training, countless 6 am sessions, some black eyes, and no boozing, it’s been a pretty savage experience to say the least!

Very excited for the fight night and also raising some money for two very worthy causes that are really starting to get some traction on social media and among key parliamentary discussions”. 


Bravo Elliott and thankyou! – we are in awe of your dedication and bravery, carried out in such a determined and successful effort to support About Time For Lyme and Vis-a-Vis Symposiums, two very important and mutually supportive charitable causes. 



Each of the events’ donations were successfully facilitated through MyDonate.



Thank you to Rachel Alban for her kind donations.


Thank you to Sadie’s Scarves 25% of profits are given to  Vis -a- Vis Symposiums 

It is with the greatest sadness that we announce the death of Jas Mathews. Jas was a Lyme patient, and through her business Sadie’s Scarves, she was an amazingly kind and generous supporter of our work. 

We will miss above all else her presence and the support she extended to all her fellow Lyme patients.


Thank you to Kirk Haworth   ‘Kirk would like to raise awareness of Lyme disease and the recovery through the power of food.’

‘Two young talented chefs, both have made a name for themselves in the culinary world and both have a story. During this evening we will not only concentrate on their talent as they deliver a stunning menu, it is a night for Nigel’s son – Kirk Haworth to raise the awareness of Lyme disease.’
Plates is a nomadic restaurant residency currently open one day a week. A creative & healthy dining experience led by Keeley and Kirk Haworth.












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