Symposium. Tick-borne Diseases 2014

International Speakers at the London Tick-Borne disease Symposium, June, 7th 2014.



Lady Mar

The Countess of Mar


Margaret of Mar is the 31st Countess of Mar, our oldest peerage, and has been a member of the House of Lords since 1975. When the House of Lords act was passed in 1999 to restrict the number of hereditary peers Lady Mar was elected to the new House receiving the highest number of votes in support. She has been one of the most active members of the House of Lords and in addition to her political work has been Chairman, President and Patron of many groups including Gulf Veterans Association, Environmental Medicine Foundation, Elderly Accommodation Council and founder of Forward-ME which works with many charities related to chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis, ME. Her extensive work related to organophosphates contributed to most of these chemicals being banned in the UK, and this work has expanded to bring attention to the risks to airline staff from aircraft engine fumes

A large effort with many difficulties has been associated with her work in support of patients with a diagnosis of ME/CFS. It has been a battle to expose the failure of the mainline treatments used by the NHS for these conditions such as talking therapy and exercise regimes. In addition Lady Mar has taken on a major roll supporting patients with the sometimes devastating Lyme disease. This has involved direct work supporting, and as advocate for patients, and extensive work with the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) and the Department of Health. After raising many patient issues in the House of Lords she engaged directly with these organisations starting in 2012 resulting in specific action plans in support of patient needs, and was instrumental in creating the 1st Public Health England Lyme Conference held in 2013 where Lyme experts from many disciplines and representatives of the medical profession, government health agencies and patients shared knowledge.



Dr Bernard Raxlen,  USA

Psychiatry, Psychoneuroimmunology and Tick-Borne Disease.

“Welcome and a warm thank you to our British Medical colleagues. It is a reaching out across the ocean. A dialogue between medical colleagues, with the intention of sharing ideas and clinical strategies pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of Tick Borne Diseases (Borrelia), its subspecies and co-infections”.


Dr Shea

Dr Leo Shea, USA

Neuropsychiatrist and Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Neuropsychiatric and neurocognitive abnormalities in the frontal and prefrontal cortex as related to executive functioning, psychiatric illness in cases of disabling Lyme encephalopathy.



Dr Cameron

Dr Daniel Cameron USA


The evolution of the revised treatment guidelines for ILADS, built on scientific, evidence- based medicine published studies. A critique of IDSA guidelines and their refusal to review the literature of persisting relapsing Lyme Disease.The serious implications and far- reaching consequences for the health care industry and the consequences of those insured.


Dr Jemsek

Dr Joseph Jemsek USA

FCAP is board certified in Infectious Diseases.

Denial of  plague. A comparison of Lyme to AIDS. Commonalities and differences. Attempt at the unification of the microbiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of”persistent multimicrobial synergistic infection” (PMSI).


Dr MacDonald

Dr Alan MacDonald USA


Borreliosis from a pathologists perspective.  The ubiquitous nature of Borreliosis as found and demonstrated in 125 autopsies, with no organ system spared.



Dr Thon

Dr Elizabeth Valentine-Thon USA

Health Diagnostics and Research Institute, New Jersey.

Immunology, virology, molecular biology and Infectious  disease diagnostics.

Critical errors in the present day accepted laboratory diagnosis of Borreliosis. Dangers of the two tier system (ELISA WESTERN BLOT).  New avenues for more accurate and valid diagnostic options such as the ITT and new blood cultures techniques, as well as other new testing procedures.


Dr Bock


Dr Steven Bock

30 years practicing complementary and progressive medicine. A clinical instructor of Family Medicine at Albany Medical College (USA) and the New York Medical College.

Functional medicine in the service of the diagnosis and treatment of Tick-Borne diseases, with emphasis on immune support, GI health, detoxification, heavy metal reduction, herbal medicine and alternative therapies including ondamed, acupuncture, IV nutritional therapy and other important supportive modalities.


Dr Leo Shea


Dr Daniel Cameron



Dr Joe Jemsek

Dr Alan MacDonald



Dr Valentine-Thon



Dr Steven Bock