Vector Infection Symposiums

Tick-borne diseases are a major health hazard to humans and animals. There are more than 100 known species of viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogens carried by ticks and other vectors. Many of these have serious health implications for humans. There is limited knowledge of the extent and severity of tick-borne diseases by the general public and health care professionals.
The emerging and widening threat posed by ticks and the diseases they carry is due to several factors including climate change and the risk of contact between humans and ticks posed by increased outdoor activities and lifestyles.
Vis-a-Vis Vector Infection Symposiums are designed to help medical practitioners, healthcare agencies and the public understand more about tick-borne diseases. By presenting and explaining the latest findings about co-infections, symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods we aim to promote and assist best practice in dealing with the severe health problems experienced by humans and animals.
Our approach is two-fold. To help share information about tick and other vector-borne illnesses we bring together UK and international researchers and practitioners from the fields of human and animal medicine. The funding generated by Vis-a-Vis, which is a not-for-profit charity, goes towards the organising of these events and continuing medical research and intervention in this increasingly important area of healthcare.
By working together to raise awareness, diagnosis, and treatment we can improve both the lives and the life chances of vector infection patients and their carers. 


We would like to acknowledge and  thank Wendy Fox for her generosity in allowing us to use Tick photographs and information from the website.

Wendy and her team of volunteers worked tirelessly to promote awareness and were the first charity to bring the UK human and animal tick problem to public and parliamentary attention.

With the spotlight on charity trustees’ salaries, it’s only fair to remind everyone that our trustees work under the terms of true altruism. We are not paid for our work, and all office and administrative expenses etc are met from personal means and not from donations.

We remain ever grateful to all who have donated to our work and understand our charitable cause, thank you.