Today’s House of Commons debates – Tuesday 10 May 2016

Lyme Disease

What progress has been made on improving diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.[904940]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Jane Ellison):

Lyme disease is a complex infection, so we recognise that there are real challenges in diagnosis and treatment. In the light of this, I am pleased to say that the Department plans to commission three reviews on the diagnosis, treatment and transmission of Lyme disease to inform future decision making.

Andrew Stephenson:

A constituent in Earby was struck down with a debilitating illness several years ago, which has totally destroyed her quality of life. Since then, I have been visiting her regularly at home every few months, as she has fought to get a diagnosis. Over recent months, all the evidence has started to point towards Lyme disease, but there seems to be precious little support out there for people with this condition. What more can my Hon. Friend do to support constituents like mine?

Jane Ellison:

In addition to the reviews that the chief scientific adviser is overseeing, we have commissioned the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to develop a new evidence-based guideline for care, specifically to respond to the sort of situation that my Hon. Friend describes with his constituent. That is for publication in 2018 and it is being prioritised because of the interest in this area.

Here is the link to the actual announcement in parliament. You need to select 09.47.07 on the RH side.